Products and accessories

We offer several types of secured and 24-hours, 365-days, year round supervised self-storage unit

Products and accessories

Obviously, we could not boast of having the best customer service without making available to our customers all the usual storage and moving accessories, such as straps, hand trucks, etc. for loading and unloading their valuables.

Moreover, as it is difficult to anticipate everything, we offer our customers, at very competitive prices, the following products and accessories that you will find next to the reception:






Boxe 2 square feet:   $2.20 each
Boxe 4 square feet:   $3.45 each
Boxe "Wardrobe":   $16.00 each

Large bags for mattress

Large bag for mattress (single bed):   $3.00 each
Large bag for mattress (double bed):   $4.00 each
Large bag for mattress (Queen and King beds):   $5.00 each


Padlock (small):   $4.00 each
Padlock (medium):   $6.00 each
Padlock (large):   $8.00 each


Exacto:   $3.00 each
Moving grip gloves:  $4.00 per pair
Bubble wrapper:   $5.00 each
Packaging tape:   $2.00 per roll

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